With CargoPlanning, you get rid of the worry of eTransport declarations! This innovative platform seamlessly integrates with your business management systems to automate the entire process of generating UIT codes and transmitting them directly to the drivers. Gone are the days of manual paperwork and tedious administrative tasks. CargoPlanning takes care of everything, ensuring compliance with regulations and saving you valuable time and resources.

Imagine a scenario where every transport operation is meticulously planned and executed without any hiccups. CargoPlanning makes this a reality by automatically announcing any changes to vehicle data and ensuring that no transport begins without a valid UIT code. This level of automation and proactive monitoring not only streamlines your operations but also minimizes the risk of errors and delays.

With CargoPlanning, you can rest assured that your transport processes are in safe hands. Whether you're managing a fleet of vehicles or coordinating logistics for a complex supply chain, this powerful tool empowers you to stay ahead of the curve. Say goodbye to manual interventions and hello to a new era of efficiency and compliance in eTransport declarations.

eTransport process in CargoPlanning:

The process begins when a transport operation is initiated within the CargoPlanning system.

Generate UIT Code

CargoPlanning automatically generates a UIT (Unique Identification Code) for the transport operation.

Transmit UIT Code

Transmit UIT Code

Update Car Data

If any changes to car data occur (such as vehicle registration or specifications), CargoPlanning automatically updates the information.

Check for Valid UIT Code

Before a transport operation begins, CargoPlanning checks to ensure that a valid UIT code is present.

Transport Operation

If a valid UIT code is present, the transport operation proceeds as planned.


The process ends once the transport operation is completed successfully.