Companies use transportation management systems (TMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in various ways. These two types of solutions are often confused with each other -- but they're not the same thing, and knowing the differences between them can help your company choose the right solution for its needs.

One of the services with great demand worldwide is logistics. This satisfies many consumers in various industries who want faster transportation of goods and other products. New technology continues to develop methods that improve every mode of transportation. Also, transporting goods in an environmentally friendly way will benefit the entire economy in the long run.

CargoPlanning is a transportation management system that can help you update how you manage your shipping operations. This platform can be your logistics partner at every step, from the time you place your order to in real-time tracking of transport operations and completion of deliveries.

If your business deals with logistics, you are probably aware of the benefits of one transport management system. From improving the planning process to increased transparency and a better customer experience, such platform can take your company to the next level.