Create and use personalised carriers group

Organise your logistic partners network based on your criteria to easily manage shipping orders. CargoPlanning offers the possibility to send your shipping request to your logistic group.

Connect to ERP/WMS/TMS

Incorporate our platform with any other type of ERP (including SAP) and automatically send shipping orders to your system, then to your shipment partners. You will have the ability to centralise all documents and transport process details in order to poses full access to the necessary information.

Automatically generate shipping documents in no time

All contracts and shipment documents are automatically generated based on the information you enter and the confirmed logistic partner. These are sent to your partners and are stored for each delivery.

Decrease shipping budget through online bidding

With real time online bidding, you benefit from the best offers, thus you may reduce logistic expenses with up to 15%.

Control and manage the shipping procedures

You can check the status for any shipment in real time, including its location, provider details and allocated budget for each operation. You can always analise the logistic process in detail, in order to manage logistic activities and take the best decisions.

Automatically generate all necessary reports

With the help of our platform you can automatically generate the necessary reports in order to always be aware of the progress, costs and history of your shipment process. You can choose collaborators based on their history and plan your budget based on prior activity.

You receive e-mail and text notifications

You are always notified about the changes of an order status through e-mail or text, so you can access your decision history. Might include surcharges.

Universal access

Our system offers a friendly interface which can be accessed on a laptop, tablet and smartphone.