Online collaborative software for shipping process management

Search and plan your shipment up to 30% faster

Outgrow spreadsheets as well as email or phone negotiation. The platform improves your work by making the tasks automatic, so that you will have more time for more productive activities. Generate shipping contracts and reports based on the input data of the carriers and transfer the documentation needed for the delivery.

Get real time feedback and relevant reports

Your partners can track your feedback regarding their offers in real time. At any moment you can look upon the status of a shipment and extract the quantitative reports needed for your business decisions.

Organize and manage groups of carriers based on your agreement terms

With CargoPlanning you can work directly with your favorites partners. Create groups that you can manage easily. Quickly add or remove carriers from the private network. Also, you have access to your activity history, where you can check the transport documents and contracts and set your next agreement terms.

Carrier's and shipping companies network

Strong network of carriers and shipping companies

CargoPlanning is a developed community of carriers and shipping companies that are ready to present a wide range of solutions to your requests. All our registered partners are verified financially and legally to ensure the safety of the platform and of the operated activities.

Transparent tendering and planning management

The online tendering assures that each step of the collaboration process is run under the transparency principle. Our carriers are always informed about the ranking of their offers and the reasons their bid can be sometimes rejected for a delivery.

Accessibility all the time

You can connect to our platform through all the devices (smartphone, tablet and laptop), which allows you to communicate quickly with your partners or to check the status of a delivery anytime.